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Verily for great Australian workwear (including plus sizes!)

Last week I noticed an ad online for an Australian fashion label called Verily.

In all honesty, I don’t often pay attention to references to “Australian fashion labels” because they’re usually over-priced, unflattering and don’t go above a size 12. Which, for my 16-18 body, completely sucks.

But there was something about this ad, it made me click through. And I found the most amazing dresses! Perfect for work!

Verily means “truly” or “certainly” and I can tell you truly that I’m a big fan of this label. I bought one of their dresses last week and now I’m begging my credit card to let me buy more.

This is the dress that I bought last week:

Verily Black Wrap Dress with Capped Sleeves

It’s the Ring Wrap Dress with Capped Sleeves. Let me count the ways that meant I had to buy this dress.

  • It’s classic black
  • It’s flattering – wrap-style with a side gather, v-neck and short sleeves (it’s so hard to find dresses that aren’t sleeveless these days)
  • It was on special!

It’s quite a heavy dress, but feels so nice on. I’ve worn it to work with my brightest heels (they’re bright blue, bright pink, bright green) and loved how I felt while wearing it.

And did I mention that it’s Australian made? Not even my $200 Sportscraft dress was made in Australia!

I’m thinking about getting the long-sleeved version of the dress in apple green. Or maybe the twist dress. And the scrunch dress to wear on the weekend.

So many choices, so little space on my credit card!




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  1. Some really cute but practical stuff there! :)

  2. Thanks so much for your lovely review! I am glad you liked the dress. It is hard to compete against the cheap imports but by selling directly to clients online I hope to keep everything Aussie made.(this dress is made with Australian milled fabric as well!) Thanks for your support, kind regards Leonie

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