6 Things You Should Know About Smartphone Data Recovery

Data recovery on smartphones is complex. There’s quite a lot to learn about it. Why don’t you keep reading?

Data Loss Types

There isn’t just one type of data loss. The two are logical and physical losses. Logical losses take place when you’ve accidentally deleted the data on your handset. This could be because you reformatted its hard drive.

Physical losses are when a problem in the mobile’s insides caused it to automatically lose information.

Most of the time, people lose data due to the logical reason. You’ll be able to recover the files via special software. But if your Android had an internal malfunctioning, you’d have to look for a team offering data recovery services.

Formatting Isn’t 100% Effective

Many believe that formatting a phone is a definite way to erase data. This isn’t entirely true. If you format and run a recovery right after, you’d be able to get all of the data you’ve lost. Depending on the phone you have, you might even be asked if you’d like to recover the information once the formatting has taken place.

Boost Recovery Likelihood

There are several things you can do to increase the likelihood of data not being lost. From these, using the same drive over and over again is not a good idea. And regular use would increase the chances of the information inside getting overwritten.

If the drive is huge, it might take a while for recovery software to do their job. They’d have to sweep through a lot of information after all. Although the longest it would take is a couple of hours, it could take much longer sometimes.

Software Tools

Let’s talk about the software that you can use again. Depending on the OS your phone has, the software you’d be able to use would differ. A lot of the ones available are for Android and not iOS.

You’d have to pay to use these tools of course. Don’t skimp – the pricier ones offer the best service.

USB & Digital Storage Cards

Data can be brought back from all types of drives and cards, not just hard drives. This is a misconception that has been brought to life by newbies. If you have a USB drive & digital store card you want data recovered from, you’d be able to use professional software or get a recovery team to get the job done.


If you compare data recovery on Android devices to Apple, you’d realize that it’s much harder to get information back on iOS handsets. Apple is very secure with personal data, so you’d need to work with specialists who can help you.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to data recovery on smartphones, there are many things to keep in mind. From them, one of the most important is that there are two types of data loses – logical and physical. If you’re dealing with a physical one, you’d likely have to hire a professional to get your information back.

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