Benefits of Live Chat in E-Commerce

Starting an online business is easy. But boosting sales is not. Sometimes it really is a struggle to attract customers or make your leads become your customers. A great solution for these issues is live chat. Here are some of the benefits your online business will gain through this service.

Improve Customer Service

Customers may get various questions about products on your site while they are shopping but writing an email to the manufacturer will take unnecessarily long time to get a reply back. Especially if your customers are in a hurry, they would not certainly like to wait for hours or days to get a reply about a product they wish to buy. Communicating with your customers live will ensure that they will get solutions to their doubts or questions as quickly as possible.

Increase Sales

Instant communication is only slightly different from face to face conversation. Through the interaction with your potential customers, you will be able to give them a good impression of your business or your brand. In a way, you can strategically advertise your products. This type of communication will secure many transactions with the customers or leads you to talk to, boosting your number of sales.

Low Cost

If you are going to set up a help desk or a call centre, you will have to hire separate staff for this. One or two people will certainly not be enough as one phone operator can only serve one customer at a time. This will create the risk of you losing impatient customers who are in a hurry. By choosing one of the best live chat software available, one operator will be able to handle more than one customer at a time, giving them all solutions for their problems without a delay.

Customer Feedbacks

Collecting feedback from customers is a hard deal. Most of the time, they will overlook survey emails or forms you send them or simply forget them. Or, you will have to call each one of them separately if you want feedback. Instead, online chat systems simply allow you to ask questions about your service from the customer while you are conversing with them. The direct conversation will make them answer your survey questions without hesitation, letting you know on what areas you should improve.

Reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors to a specific website who navigate away from the site after viewing only single page. Increased bounce rate would result in you losing your leads and customers, decreasing your sales. However, online interaction with the customers will make sure that the customers stay in your web page and interact instead of leaving it immediately. You can convince them through good customer service skills, what other site pages they can visit and what other products they should check out.

Not only will this method ensure a good transaction with your customer, but will also secure their trust in your brand making them continue to transact with you and spread the good word about your brand/ your site.

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