How to Decorate Your Office Room?

While it is important to keep your office room looking ‘professional’ this does not mean you can have fun decorating it. Also, a well-kept office room is a great to increase the work productivity as it can help you to relieve stress and actually like the work environment. Here are some of tips you can follow when decorating your office room.

Organise and Store Things

One of the most important things when keeping your files and other items stored away. However simply shoving them away into drawers and selves does not work either. Instead organizing your files by name or date, colour coding them or labelling them will help you to retrieve them in future easily without having to turn the entire room up and down. Storing away other items such as pens, business cards, clips etc., on desk organizers or separate baskets will help you to find them instantly when you need them. Try to keep your table top as clean as possible and limit only your computer and the files you are working at the moment.


Make sure that there are no unnecessary things lying around in the room. This extends to all working files and documents to the furniture in the room. Trying to include too many items will make the room feel too stuffy and claustrophobic. Your work table, a chair, and few shelves to store away important documents are the most necessary furniture items in an office room. If you are considering buying anything more, consider the size of the item and the size of your room before purchasing it. Also make sure to have a garbage bin by the side of your table to drop in all the unnecessary materials. Balling up paper that are not in use and throwing them on floor is one of the worst habits you can develop.

Use Good Colours

Scientific studies have proven that colours around you can affect your mind directly. Certain colours can make your feel wholesome while some can make you feel gloomy. Shades of yellow is known to improve creativity, blue to stimulate the mind, green to make you feel relax. However, this can differ from person to person and you are free to choose any colour that you prefer. But it is still better to choose some light colours for your walls so that room will not feel too dark and small. Getting you furniture in darker colours are much better than darker walls. If you are looking for chairs or desks Melbourne try them in a bold colour to add some character and vibrancy to the room.

A well decorated room is pleasant to the eye as well as the mind, you will feel relaxed and your motivation to work hard will only improve when you are in a room that is well maintained, organize, and clean. Keep these tips in mind when you are decorating your office room next time, or if you are planning in making your own office room at home for the first time.

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