How to Increase Privacy Provided by Picket Fencing

Picket fencing has a classic charm and it can be integrated into modern house designs as well increasing its versatility. Depending on the design of the picket fence, you can adjust the privacy level and this will be discussed in length in the article below.

If you already have picket fencing installed

And you want to improve the privacy level, you can incorporate greenery. You can plant climbing vines so that the picket fence will be covered by greenery and this will add an aesthetic element as well. Some of the plants you can use are ivy and jasmine. You can also plant tall shrubs along the fence line. This will create an inviting landscape feature. When installing new picket fencing, you have to be clear about your requirements. You can visit to get an idea of different picket fencing designs and materials. One of the ways you can improve privacy is to add privacy inserts. These are pre-made panels that you can insert between the pickets of the fence and this can transform a more open design into something more secluded. You can use inserts from different materials such as metal, wood or vinyl so that you can choose a material that complements that of the picket fence.

Slats or louvers can be added to

The picket fencing and this can be installed vertically or horizontally between the pickets. The benefit with louvers is that you can adjust the level of privacy needed and this will improve flexibility. You can also layer additional pickets. The standard design has a single row of pickets but you can actually create a double or triple layer to increase the density of the fence. This can increase the visual interest and it will provide more privacy to your property. You can use layers with different spacing and heights so that you are able to achieve a balance between aesthetics and privacy. Taller picket fences can be selected so that the fence goes beyond the eye line. This will help improve functionality of the fence as well and still retain a touch of its charm. Also, privacy can be created by reducing the spacing between the pickets so that a person is not able to see through the fencing easily.

Decorative panels can be incorporated to the picket fencing made of metal,

Wood or other materials so that these can add a bit of uniqueness and visual interest. You can choose panels with intricate designs. Frosted glass or acrylic inserts can be used to create a stylish picket fence in your outdoor space. As these materials are translucent, light will filter through. So even though the view is obscured, you will still have a sense of openness. A trellis structure can be incorporated into your picket fence design and this allows you some space to grow climbing vines or plants. This will also create a natural screen for your property. You maximise the coverage with the trellis and choose a vine that you love. You can also combine different vines so that there are different shades of green creating a depth of colour.