Indispensable Industries and Occupational Hazards

Wherever you might work, there is always some form of risk involved, whether physical, psychological, or social. This is why most organizations have safety procedures and measures in place for concerns ranging from fire hazards to discrimination. Good employers care about their company as well as their employees, and take whatever protective steps necessary. Some industries involve more risk than others, and it is important for employees and employers alike to fully understand these risks and how they can be averted. Here are five of the biggest industries and some of their occupational hazards.


The dangers of working in construction may seem obvious, and you might think safety measures are common sense. The truth is that thousands of injuries and even deaths are caused by failing to adhere to regulations properly. Some incidents are due to carelessness or ignoring rules, but many others are due to a lack of awareness about hazards and safety guidelines. Falls are the most common incidents, and these can easily be prevented by using harnesses and safety ladders.  Exposure to harmful gases, chemicals, and raw materials can also cause long term damage. Workers, employers, and visitors to the site should be made aware of health and safety laws and procedures, and should wear protective gear at all times.


Mining is highly dangerous because of the chemicals used in extraction processes, as well as toxic gases and dust in the environment. In addition, there is the ever present threat of cave-ins, a risk that miners take every day. These workers work in poor conditions, often with insufficient lighting and oxygen, and they spend many more hours on the job than most other occupations. The best way for those in the mining industry to protect themselves is to have appropriate PPE equipment at all times. High quality gear is specially designed to meet every need, such as respirators that allow workers to breathe filtered air.


It may be hard to imagine how agricultural workers might be at risk. In reality, the hazards they face are not much different to those of construction workers and miners. Many of the injuries reported by farm workers involve the heavy machinery used in the field. The use of pesticides and other chemicals has become increasingly common as well, and exposure to these has been found to cause diseases, cancers, and birth defects. These hazards can be contained much the same way as in the case of construction and mining. Proper work wear and protective gear are musts, and all agricultural regulations placed by authorities should be adhered to meticulously.

These are only three of the biggest sectors involving such severe and widespread risks, but they are among the essential industries in local and global economies alike. Proper regulations and procedures need to be established by authorities, and enforced by employers and employees. Not only can lives be saved, but the organizations in these industries can flourish and develop.

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