Plumbing Pipe Décor Trends You May Want To Know More About

Most plumbers out there do not think about style and décor. They just want to think about how to make sure that everything works correctly. However, modern plumbers need to also think about decorations. For instance, Mooroolbark plumbing company always offers design recommendations to clients that are interested in making their homes look as great as possible. Some options you can always consider include the following.

Creating Industrial Plumbing Shelves

This is a wonderful DIY project idea as you can create some pipe shelves in many homes. What you want to do is use pipes as support for shelve slats. Stained wooden planks are normally great as slats but this can easily be customized if you want to take everything to the next level. How much weight can be withstood by the shelves depends on slat material. See what is perfect for your home and you will find a wonderful new storage space while using your pipes.

Turn Plumbing Into Fixture Faucets

Plumbing pipes are a part of the bathroom system and there is usually some sort of faucet that is installed, all as a part of a sink. Instead of relying on this design, how about changing the plumbing into actual fixture faucets? The only problem with such a project is that you do need to hire professional plumbers to get it done. However, at the end of the process you do end up with something that is different and that is surely highly attractive.

Adding Lighting Fixtures To Plumbing Pipes

Plumbing pipes are a really interesting addition that can easily add to the light bulb you have in your home. The result is a rustic or industrial feel for the entire home. All depends on how pipes are finished. Make sure that you do not worry about it too much in terms of designs since the pipes that are visible are most likely perfect for the result.

What you have to do is hire an electrician. He would come to your home and hang everything in a way that is completely safe. Obviously, you do have control in decorating but electricians are needed when lighting fixtures are added.

Plumbing Pipe Frame Chairs

As you move to a brand new home you surely want great patio furniture so you could enjoy some extra comfort and sunshine. You can easily create some industrial chairs with plumbing pipe frames. Just combine with a wooden table and you have a great contrast. Plumbing pipe frame chairs have very sleek looks and can be so easy to clean. Sliders are needed under pipe legs and you might want to add rounded corner at frame bottoms. This increases safety.

Pipe Bookshelves

In some cases you do not have to do additions. Pipes can simply be transformed in bookshelves with some extra wood. Raw pipes are often suitable but you can definitely paint them if this is something you think would look better. The plumbing pipes can be used as stand, rods or just as wall decorations. However, just some wood added on the pipes is usually the way to go.

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