Selling a House Step By Step

Selling your house has become a more complicated operation since the good old days when all you had to do was stick a sign on your front door. The potential benefits and risks have since grown exponentially and now require more preparation on your part to make the sale run smooth and quick.

We will now take you through the basic steps of selling your home in the 21st century. It is basically a traditional sale done up with some fancy new strategies and additional services because that is how we roll in this day and age.

Choose Your Agent

For instance, if the house you are selling happens to be in Berwick, Victoria, hiring one of the Berwick real estate agents to manage the listing, marketing, and legal aspects of the sale will really help streamline the workload. But of course, choosing your agent warrants some extensive research to be done by you in advance. Find out from previous clients if the services they received were efficient, ethical and professional. Else, keep looking for a better agent.

Work Out a Good Selling Plan

Sit down with your agent and have some productive discussions about the house and how you intend to go about selling it. Depending on what suits your financial interests best, you can agree on a certain type of sale like an auction, fixed date sale or private sale. Whatever strategy you choose will dictate how your house will marketed and the price at which it will be sold.

Accurately Assess Your Selling Price

You need to take a good hard look at your house as a whole as well as in detail and make a reasonable estimation as to what it is worth. If you feel it is lacking in certain areas, you can have some refurbishing done to make it more appealing to prospective buyers. Factors like size, location, age and additional features have a huge influence on the price.

Signing a Contract with Your Agent

The contents of this legal document will include key details such as any commissions owed to your agent, the estimated price for the sale, any additional costs, terms and conditions as well as the time period for which the contract is valid.


Get a professional photographer over and sprawl some attractive pictures along with some descriptions on websites and newspapers to make the accessible to as many viewers as possible.

Managing the Market

Once the word is out, any interest buyers will get in touch with your agent and arrange for a private tour of the house to see if they would like to purchase it.

Haggling Over Price

If a potential buyer is keen on acquiring the house, they will inevitable come up with reasons to lower the price a bit. In this case, you agent can represent you and use their negotiating skills to arrive at a mutual agreement on the price. All that is left to do afterwards for the buyer and seller is to reach both their lawyers to make sure the transaction is legitimate.


And just like that you can hand over the keys as well ownership rights and congratulate yourself on a successful sale.

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