Selling Season – 5 Tips to Gear Up for the Aussie Exhibition & Trade Show Season

The selling season is here! Don’t panic though, you have plenty of time to get ready for this exciting time of business growth. The potential for your business during this time is endless. Here are five tips to gear up for the Aussie Exhibition & Trade Show:

  1. Promo To Avoid Trade Show Marketing FOMO

Exhibiting is your chance to shout loud and proud about your brand. Don’t make the mistake of turning up without promotional products and spending the show watching other businesses marketing away while your brand pales into insignificance. You owe it to yourself to source the best promotional products in Australia so that you have plenty to sell or give, display or donate so that everyone leaves with your gear. 

  1. Measure Your Success Beyond “It Went Well”

It is important to be able to measure the success of your business appearance at the trade show using quantifiable goals and metrics. Is there a certain number of leads you want to acquire during the event? Are there key companies you’d like to start conversations with for potential future partnerships? Ideally, you will do a lot of preparation for lead generation so that you can utilize online analytical tools during and following the trade show. Why not create a hashtag specifically for your event? How about a fun Instagram wall with a competition entry or discount code for sharing a photo?

  1. Don’t Be The Odd-Ball Booth

A barren stand is not a draw for customers, and neither is a trade stand display version of a yard sale. It’s crucial to ensure that you represent your brand in the best possible way to take advantage of a captive audience of pre-qualified leads. You’re likely to be competing with dozens, if not hundreds of other companies, so make sure your booth catches the eye with high quality fabric banners and media walls, audio visual equipment to showcase your multimedia content, samples and other items to help you stand out from the crowd

  1. Assemble Your Mighty Morphin Trade Show Rangers 

Teamwork makes the dreamwork, but you don’t need to wear different colored spandex suits to get it (and we sincerely hope you already knew that). Statistics tell us that around 75% of employers rate teamwork as important, and yet 86% of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or poor communication as a key reason for failures in the workplace. Be ahead of the game and get your team on board with the selling season. Communicate your trade show plan effectively so each team member understands their role well. Setting goals for the whole team is an effective way to get everybody focused on the task at hand. 

  1. Don’t Be Selfish

You won’t do well to offer a disingenuous drone of ‘me, me, me’ to customers at your trade shows or exhibitions. Instead, offer a two-way interaction that provides value to the customer that goes beyond ‘please could you buy something’. 

Did you know customers are 3 times as likely to pay more for great customer service? Aside from a quality service or product, stellar customer service is key to gaining and retaining business relationships and customers. So, be nice, be helpful and give your customers an experience that doesn’t just make them feel like a walking bank balance. 

Your upcoming trade shows and exhibitions could be a total hit, but only if you put the effort into proper preparation and research. Follow our tips above, and you’re sure to do well this selling season. 

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