When to Consider Chiropractic Treatment for Dogs

Chiropractic treatment for dogs has become more and more popular as many pet owners are seeking non-invasive approaches to address musculoskeletal issues and pain. Dogs experience many mobility problems and with chiropractic care, some of the benefits they gain are improved mobility, enhanced performance and pain relief.

There are some signs

That you can look for that willindicate your dog needs to be taken to a chiropractor. You can consult with the veterinarian before you do this so that they can weigh in on the decision as well. You can visit melbournedogchiropractor.com.au to get an idea of the many services offered by a docchiropractor. If your dog is exhibiting signs of pain and discomfort such as being unwilling to move, difficulty in climbing stairs or rising, limping or if they are vocalising when touched, this can be dye to soft tissue injuries, arthritis or intervertebral disc disease. These conditions can result in ongoing pain and mobility problems. Dogs can also experience rigidity and stiffness in their joints and muscles. This can be after periods of inactivity. When there is stiffness and reduced mobility, this can indicate musculoskeletal issues such as muscle tension, joint restrictions or spinal misalignments. These can be addressed through chiropractic adjustments.


There can be changes in your dog’s temperament, behaviour or performance. This can be due to an underlying musculoskeletal issue and they will be able to benefit from chiropractic care. Dogs can be restless or become irritable or withdrawn when they are in pain. You may also observe changes in posture, gait or their athletic performance. If your dog has past experience with injuries, trauma or accidents, they are prone to developing musculoskeletalissues like strains, sprains or vertebral subluxations. These will need chiropractic intervention. If your dog has experience a fall or slip, this can be sufficient for a spinal misalignment or a soft tissue injury to occur. And it can affect your dog’s mobility and health. There are some dogs that have chronic health conditions like elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia or degenerative joint disease. And they can benefit from chiropractic care so that their joint function can be improved along with their quality of life. With chiropractic adjustments, it is easier to manage the symptoms of chronic conditions.

You can also use chiropractic care as a preventative measure

So that your dog’s musculoskeletal health can be maintained. It will also contribute to preventing injuries especially if your dog in involved in high impact activities. With regular chiropractic adjustments, subtle biomechanicalimbalances can be identified and addressed in dogs before they progress into more serious issues. Pain relief is one of the main reasons that pet owners search for animalchiropractors. When the pressure on nerves is reduced and proper joint function is restored, it will alleviate pain. Improved comfort and pain relief is experienced by dogs as a result of chiropractic care so that they can move freely. They will also experience increased flexibility and ease of movement as a result.