Answering Solutions for Your Business

It is essential to understand that different companies require different answering arrangements. This will be reliant on several factors like the nature of your business, type of client base you handle and how customer service oriented your business is. With a variety of options available in the market it is up to you as a business owner or entrepreneur to make the right call. Let us take a look at some of the innovative solutions given to answering services in the market today. Some solutions are highly customizable and adaptable to the requirements of your business.

Live Transferring Your Calls

This feature effectively enables you to only handle calls that are worth your time and effort. Receptionists would notify you who your caller is and whether it is okay to transfer the call to you. The decision lies with you as to whether you would accept that call or not. This live transfer concept also applies if you wish to have the call transferred to multiple users. Conference calls are an inexpensive and effective way to involve all relevant parties to an important call. Another feature available in this concept is directing the caller straight to voicemail. This essentially bypasses the virtual receptionists on standby for you and directs clients to fully recorded voicemails.


Notifications have come a long way in the field of technology. Instant messaging is now a reality where you could interact with your client in real-time and provide immediate responses. Missed calls could come in the form of MMS messages with detailed info of the caller and caller details. Instant messaging is also an attractive form of communication among the millennial generation which is a whole different demographic in the market in their own right. You could automatically choose the option of calling or instant messaging your client the next business day which highlights that you follow up and are reflecting a lot of professionalism in your work. Various call answering systems for business nowadays provide you with a prompt to call back on any missed calls and are also operational at all hours. Needless to say, a 24 7 Phone call answering service can make all the difference.

CRM Solutions

This is of course where value-additions come into play. A professional answering service would not simply want to settle at managing your calls they would actually look to actively contribute to the expansion of your business with have its own database and market research tools to analyze your clientele. A good example is where an answering service software highlights that clients of a certain age call in search of your products and services more often than others, this is an important indication into where your business lies. Feedback on service could be obtained by each caller and recorded in a comprehensive database which can be later used as an important tool for improvements in your business. These extra activities and services done would enable you to focus on the key aspects of your business and also use any valuable information obtained when necessary. The possibilities are endless as long as you are willing to transcend set boundaries. The more inputs you have into your business the higher the chance that it will be successful.

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