Reasons why complete tree uprooting is hardly recommended

Whether it was a tree that you’re looking to get rid of, or whether it was a half-cut one, or even a stump itself, you should know that completeuprooting is just not the way to go. In this read, we’re going to tell you why exactly complete uprooting is never recommended along with the industry’srecommendation for the need.

The sheer disturbance to the soil

Most lawn trees aren’t quite far from the houses, or whichever property we’re considering. The soil capacity of the load-bearing soil where the property stands have a direct correlation to the compactness of the soil.

Usually, natural compactness is unparalleled unless you use extremely advanced machinery to bring the compactness to that level. Complete root uprooting will always greatly disturb the soil. The closer the roots are to the house;the more chances would be for structural damage.

The requirement of more manpower

Getting rid of a massive root is definitely not recommended being done with the use of heavy-duty machinery – you just do not want to damage the load-bearing soil. Instead, several people will be used where a majority of work is done by them, and with a minority of the work done by machines. This required balance is going to cost you more and that’s just not worth the result at all.

The reduction of the real estate value

A tree is one of those elements that immediately draws the attention of a seller. After all, if the tree is still there, you could alwaysconsider trimming, pruning, or lopping it. But even if you got rid of the stump, the roots would always be there. With time, the trees can resprout, and that’s more or less havinga tree on your lawn, and another reason to raise your demand.

There are easier and long-lasting alternatives

If we’re asking you not to follow a certain path, we should be able to give you an alternative. Not just any alternative, but a better one. Because if not, the problem persists. The better alternative here is none other than stump grinding brisbane.

This is a process where only one machine is used to grind the stump all the distance to the ground and more. This way, the soil doesn’t get disturbed, the real estate value doesn’t drop, it most certainly doesn’t require more manpower as well.

Since there are very reliable companies in Australia to fulfill this matter, you don’t have to worry about the professional finish of the job at all. That way, you’ll be able to get rid of the stump problem in the best possible way.


There’s no doubt that we all think we know what to do. But probably shouldn’t finalize on any of those decisions before having a clear idea on the professional recommendation. Now that you know that complete uprooting is just not the best way to go, with better alternatives, you have the chance to implement the better options in resolving a matter.


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