Essential Packing Supplies for Moving

Moving to a new home comes with a unique set of challenges. You need to find a good moving company and make sure that all items are packed and ready to go to a new home. But you need to prepare for the move months in advance so that you book the right professionals and purchase the packing supplies required to pack all the items. 

You can get a recommendation from interstate removals Brisbane about how to pack delicate and fragile items. They will give you some valuable advice as they have carried out so many different moves across states. One of the essential items you will need for a move is boxes of different sizes. These can be purchased from the moving company itself. You can also look for a packing supply store or look for deals on boxes online. Make sure that you measure the large items you have in the house so that you know the maximum size you want. There are boxes that come with partitions which makes it easy for you to pack glassware. You need to have a checklist of all the items you are taking to the new location and roughly the volumes of these items so that you know exactly how many boxes to order. Make sure that you purchase a box cutter as well so that you can unpack it easily in your new home.

When wrapping drawers and cabinet doors, you can use stretch wrap. This wrap sticks to itself. Once you have packed the items in boxes, you have to seal them with tape. There is packing tape for this exact purpose. This special packing tape prevents tearing. You will need a scissor to cut through the tape when unpacking. Make sure that you get some clear tape as well so that you can paste them over the labels you have written in permanent marker. This tape will make sure the ink doesn’t get smudged if it gets in contact with water. It is easy when you have a tape dispenser. You need to choose a method of labelling your boxes. You can use a colour coding method where different colours are assigned for the bedrooms, kitchens, living room, bathrooms etc. This will help you identify the contents of a box at first glance. You can also assign a number to each room so for example, that the items for one bedroom don’t get misplaced and put into a different bedroom.

Along with the labels, you need to purchase some permanent markers in different colours. It is best to use waterproof marker pens so that they don’t get smudged. You will be packing certain items months in advance so you need to make sure the writing remains legible. Before you pack items in boxes, you can pack delicate or fragile items in bubble wrap. You can wrap delicate furniture items in bubble wrap so that they don’t get knocked against walls and damaged. There is packing paper that you can use to wrap fragile items. When buying bubble wrap, make sure that you purchase large rolls so that you can cut them to size and use. You will need a basic tool kit as well that will allow you to disassemble furniture easily and assemble it again in the new location.


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