Features of A Claim Insurance Software

When you find yourself looking for a claim insurance software, you need to make it as user friendly as possible. Why? Because not all have the patience and the time to fill out numerous forms, upload various documents and figure out how to work your system especially for more elderly clients.

The best thing you could do while looking for insurance claim software is to try it yourself on your smartphone. A lot of people would be doing this on the go and would not have access to their work PC and or laptop. With that in mind, it would be easier for you to narrow down the possible software to purchase especially if it has the following features.

Simple Submission

Since your clients would be using the software for claims, you most definitely have some of their details and information stored in a database somewhere, especially for those repeat customers. If this is the case, your system, as recommended, should not have to ask them again for the details that you already have, like their insurance provider. This would save your clients time while applying for their claim and would appreciate it since it might have been one of the various things on their to do list that day.

Automatic Update

No one wants to keep calling someone and inquiring about their application. This is the same for insurance claims. Your clients would prefer it if your private health insurance claim processing software would automatically update them about the progress of their claim. If there is a link, they could click on anytime they want to see if they are about to receive their request. The idea is similar to those courier services where you could track if your package is on the way to your doorstep.

Accessibility of Files

For insurance claims, there are supporting documents that would be needed. If the software can store and access these documents, the better. This is not only for your clients but for you and your staff as well. Imagine you are processing one claim and you need to double check the client’s date of birth because it seems they filled the form wrongly.

Good thing that they have submitted a copy of their driver’s license previously as a government issued identification card and you could verify their birthday without needing to call them. If the license is not there and you called the client and was not able to reach them, the process for their claim might be temporarily halted because you could not verify all their details.

The good news is that most insurance claim software has these features. They only differ on the “extras” they offer. Some of this added and bonus features include reminder and notification operation if in case a client needs to update their insurance which is about to expire or for you and your staff to get on with the claims that are supposed to have a decision by tomorrow. And of course, another consideration is which one is more affordable and fits your budget.


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