Getting in on the Ground: Finding Jobs in a Competitive Market

Finding jobs in a competitive market, especially for a generic job such as engineering, can be difficult. Many academically qualified individuals take a long time to find jobs out of school because the industries tend to favour those with either professional qualifications or experience – academic qualifications are rewarded much later, when it comes to promotion preferences.

One of the best ways to grab a job is to get in on something that is growing, and get in at the ground level. For instance, if you heat about a new company opening up near you, go ahead and apply to be the accountant Narre warren, because a localized worker will get preference over someone who lives further away. Here’s why it is important to get in at the beginning.

They Grow, You Grow

A company that is just starting out may not seem like the best bet, but both you and the company are just starting out in the industry and that can be a learning experience for both. If you make a mistake at an established corporate entity, that could end your career. In a new company, you could add it to ‘lessons learned’ and vow never to do that again. There is potential for you to grow and develop along with the company, especially if you have a particular function like being the tax accountant Narre warren Melbourne.

You Can Afford To

Let’s face it, no company is going to give you a hefty salary right off the bat, so why not go somewhere that really needs you? A larger company will hire you and fire you in the same breath if you dare to ask for a raise, but a start-up will pay you every dollar they can afford to and keep you on because they need to. Unlike someone with 5-6 years of experience, you can afford to work at a lower salary so you’re the perfect fit for a company that really cannot afford to pay much more.

Fostering Loyalty

Business magazines proclaim that the millennial isn’t loyal to a company, and they are right; millennials are loyal to people. Managers who inspire and take care of their team have faithful workers. If you join a company when it’s still struggling to maintain its footing and you stick with it till it becomes successful, you’ve already proved your loyalty to the company, and they will reward you as soon as they can. It’s a two-way thing: you stick by me and I’ll stick by you.

So stop applying only to the big-wig companies that dominate the headlines. Sure, you’ll have the reputation, but you will only be another statistic on their pay sheet. Instead, find a company that needs you, that’ll appreciate your worth and that will stick by you. Find a start-up.

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