Startup Inspiration – 3 Great Business Ideas For Startups In Australia

Creating something from nothing will never be easy, and startups are no exception. That’s why we’re going to do something a little different here. Generally, articles like this one provide different ideas for what business to start, but the thing is, if you’re here, you’ve probably already got a concept in mind. 

That’s why these business ideas will focus on the how of getting started, not the what. Along the way, we will give some tips about what type of business each solution will be best suited for, but the rules aren’t set in stone, so if your business idea isn’t mentioned alongside something you think would be great, do it anyway!

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Position Yourself Correctly

Although the world has shifted a lot this year, prime real estate still carries a certain prestige that shouldn’t be underestimated. Having said that, we’re in the middle of a pandemic, and the period coming up to the holiday season is always hectic. That’s why serviced offices in Melbourne could be a good choice for your new startup. 

Not only do these spaces offer great flexibility and room for growth, but they’re also a lot more cost-efficient than securing a private office and can provide the professional look and feel that you’re chasing without the stress. Serviced offices are an ideal solution for growing companies, such as digital agencies, that have the flexibility to have staff working remotely. 

Promote Creatively 

Need a way to get your name out but don’t necessarily have the time to attend a whole host of networking events? Consider investing in a range of corporate promotional products. Not only are they a great way to introduce your company’s branding to the market, but they’re also perfect professional “thinking of you” presents. 

Useful branded products can bring a more personal touch to relationships that have been fostered online while providing some cheeky free marketing when they’re used by the recipient. 

Promotional products are ideal for small or remote businesses that need an interesting way to get themselves out there. They’re also perfect for candle, soap, or homewares makers as you get bonus points here if your business’ products fit well in a gift basket with your promotional ones. 

The Way To Their Heart

The saying may go that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but this can be said for all of us, regardless of gender. Creating intimacy is tough, especially in a world where masks hide our emotions and we can’t even shake hands with new people let alone hug them. 

Gourmet food hampers may be able to help you out on this front. They’re a great alternative to full catering when having far smaller than usual meetings with business partners and are absolutely perfect if you’re in the event planning industry. 

Gourmet hampers are ideal for anyone who needs to cater a small (socially-distanced) gathering, be that a dating service provider, someone who runs networking events, or even a business with a small enough team that you’re allowed to celebrate together this festive season. 

Pair these ideas up with a great work ethic, savvy financial tricks, and a whole lot of heart, and you’ll be well on your way to outgrowing your startup status. Believe in yourself and we’re sure you’ll make great things happen.

P.S. if you did actually come here for ideas for which business to start, firstly, good on you for heading out on your own, we’re sure you’ll love it. Secondly, here’s a nice little dot point collection of the business ideas we’ve mentioned throughout this post:

  • Digital Agency
  • Hand-crafted candles, soaps, or homewares
  • Dating or networking services

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