Great Ways To Inspect Homes You Think About Buying

As a home buyer it is really easy to be overwhelmed by all the different things you have to look at when you inspect a home. This is completely normal but you do need to be careful and you want to make sure everything is working. It is a certainty that you already know you have to check water pressure in the shower but there are other things to also consider. According to Fix It Right Plumbing in Australia, here are some things you can do whenever inspecting a considered home purchase.

How To Simply Check If Floors Are Tilted

All you want to do is take a marble and put it on the floor. You instantly see if the floor is tilted or not. What many do not know is that a sloping floor is sometimes a sign that the old property is in a pretty serious condition. The foundation might be damaged and you might end up paying a lot for repairs.

Check Serial Numbers

This is something you most likely never considered. Take out your smartphone and take a picture of the large appliances. You want to capture serial numbers. It is really easy to then use your preferred search engine in order to find out many different interesting things about the appliances. Many homeowners will not disclose important facts but you can cheekily find them when you do this.

Look At The Ceiling

It is important to also look up when you check a closet or a kitchen. The ceiling might have water stains. This is a clear sign of some leaky roof problems. If you see fresh paint jobs you should also get alarmed. Paint can easily hide the water stains. If you notice this you want to ask about water damage. According to law, homeowners are required to disclose, especially when they are asked.

Check Doors

Checking doors is definitely a good idea. You want to quickly open and close the doors in order to see if they smoothly bind or shut. Latching is a bad idea, showing excessive settlement. There is also a possibility that foundation problems are present when you see window frames and doors that are off-balance.

Check The Home’s Outside

You are surely mostly interested in checking out the house’s inside but you want to check the outside area too. This is mainly because water damage will lead to pretty expensive mold infestation and repairs. What you want to do is check drainage. It needs to be enough for the property. Look at the regions close to the foundation in order to see if there are damp crawl spaces, mold and structural damages present. Also check rain gutter downspouts.

Record Video

There are different areas of a home that you simply cannot fit into. This is where you can use your phone again to get into cramped attics or smaller crawl spaces. The tape you record can then be downloaded and with the use of a computer you can easily zoom in. This offers the best look of such areas.

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