How to choose between dedicated and shared hosting

Hosting a website is not a complicated task, as long as there is a design and a host, you’re good to go. But then comes the question of the nature of the hosting; dedicated and shared.

Simply explained, dedicated hosting allocates all the resources and the traffic to one user whereas the shared hosting shares resources with other affiliated websites within the same server.

But the question here is on how to make a choice. Here are some of the top guidelines that help you to make the best choice.

Understand the sensitivity of the exchanged data

Almost all finance-related enterprises do not dare choose shared hosting anymore. Once hackers get ahold of a server, they can go to any website connected to it. Thus, if you’re putting your clients at risk by sharing a server with a website that is quite prone to be hacked, it’s unwise. However, there are occasions where you can use shared hosting as long as the affiliated websites are of the same kind. This makes the dire necessity of cyber security a mutual need.

Consider the scale of the business

The biggest downside of shared hosting is the allocation of resources. There can be instances where the traffic is not evenly distributed causing your website to perform poorly. However, while dedicated hosting is the perfect solution, there is a cheaper way that gets almost the same job done. By the use of best vps managed hosting you can get the services of dedicated hosting almost for the price of shared hosting. Since there will be individually managed and monitored compartments, the resource allocation or sanctity won’t be an issue.

Evaluate the managerial capabilities

Each one of us has at least one or two things that we’re good at. If software engineering anything along the lines isn’t your strongest suit, your hosting needs probably needs managing by the hosting company. But even if you had the necessary managerial capabilities, you should think twice about whether it is ideal to hold one or a team of employees accountable for the performance of the online portal of your business when there are more reliable solutions.

Choose the right service provider  

Not all companies have the same resources when it comes to this line of services. In fact, if you happened to come across a company that has its servers located locally, you should definitely give them more attention. Apart from that, there are several other services companies like these offer that benefit a business within the context. If you were able to land on a plan that caters almost all your needs, it will cut off a huge chunk of extra cost that’d be there with separate service providers.

The conclusion here is that, when you’re looking at two extreme ends as solutions, you’re missing out on the optimal solutions in the middle. Now that you know that the answer for the choice between dedicated and shared hosting doesn’t have to be either, it’s the best example that fixes your problem.


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