Is Your Living Room Too Dark? Consider These Fixes

The ideal living rooms are light and airy. But some homes may come with enclosed living rooms that do not receive much light, natural or otherwise. If you live in a dingy living room, here are some ideas that will improve the situation:

Make Windows Large, Transparent and Creative

The best way to get sunlight inside any room is to have open and large windows. If your living room doesn’t have many windows, consider making the existing ones larger. You can also aim for stylish options like velux roof windows Adelaide, if your living room is upstairs. If the existing windows are panelled, consider using glass. Some living rooms are built for the winter in true English style. You can escape this in general by making windows larger.

Choose a Light Wall Paint

The wall paint of the living room also determined if it’s bright or not. A dark wall paint colour naturally doesn’t belong in a living room. It would make the room darker even when the windows are open. Choose a light tone that favours white. The light colour will make natural light bounce off the walls and keep the room looking alive.

Install the Right Types of Light

Living rooms typically don’t run into artificial light troubles, like kitchens. But it’s worthwhile to consider whether overhead lights are properly installed. It’s fine to choose a bright LED bulb for the area, because you do want it well lit. Make sure the light fixture or any other part of the house isn’t getting in the way of the overhead light. Use lamps and smaller light fixtures to increase accents at night. This can come in helpful when trying to change the mood of the room.

Replace Normal Doors with Sliding Doors

Let in more light by replacing the regular door to your living room with a sliding door. Not only will it increase the space, it would also bring in more light. Replace wood doors with glass ones to let in even more natural light. Venetian blinds should add privacy if that’s a concern for you. Glass can be made slightly opaque or frosted to take care of privacy issues.

Keep Furniture to a Minimal

Furniture can disrupt the light that comes into a room. In particular, excess furniture may keep the light from evenly dispersing across a room. Avoid this situation by keeping furniture to a bare minimum. You can increase vertical storage rather than horizontal ones to get rid of excess furniture that might be clogging up space.

Remodel with Transoms or Fan Lights

The area above a door or a window that is panelled with glass is called a transom or a fan light. A fan light is half-moon shaped while transoms are typically straight lined. These little things don’t compromise privacy but certainly brings in more light. In some countries, transoms are commonplace. But in Australia, you may have to build these things in on your own.

Don’t let your living room remain in darkness. Try one or two of the above suggested fixes and see if it works.

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