Digital Signage Pros and Cons

In our modern society today, technology has always been a part of our daily lives. Many businesses opt to invest in digital signages rather than utilize the traditional printed poster ads. From simple board signs to digital menus, many industries have boomed with the use of this technology. Here are some pros and cons to consider if you have plans to upgrade your advertising into a digital one.

Pros of Digital Signages

  • Catchy – Admit it, we always loved looking on ads at a screen rather than on a poster. Digital ads are more catchy and colourful. You can also make it dynamic by showing video ads instead of plain still images. Digital signages are more colourful than your ordinary screens making everything it displays pop out.
  • Easy to manage – Digital signage system can be connected to one central control unit where you can add, remove or change details of your input. Cloud systems allow you to manage the feed anywhere you are, you just need an internet access to do so.

  • Remote management – If your business has more than one branch, you can easily manage and control what is displayed through the internet. You can update your display hassle-free even without going to the location.
  • Flexible – Digital signage software has features that allow the user to schedule the display feed. It helps a lot since you can customize your services offered to meet the customers’ needs. You can also schedule specific ads at certain times of the day.
  • Convenient – Digital signages are easy to control. You don’t even need to get up your screen to change its display. These systems can be controlled by a remote or software that allows you to access its contents.
  • Saves space – If you have a large area, you can opt for wider screens so that everyone, even those far away at the back, can see clearly what you’re showing on the display. Even a single screen is enough to show multiple ads that change every minute.
  • Increases profit – Since they can make anything look more appealing, your establishment can attract more customers which in turn increases your sales. You can also display limited time offers tailored to the current needs of prospective customers.

Cons of Digital Signages

Apart from its advantages, this technology still has a few cons.

  • Expensive – Installation of digital signages will really cost you a lot since they are offered as sets, complete with the hardware and software. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, you can get a digital signage tv
  • Requires expertise – Digital signage systems are easy to operate however if you want to generate your own content then you might require professional skills. Some businesses hire IT staff to let them operate and maintain the system on behalf of the owner.
  • Poor display – If you’re short in budget, you may opt for cheaper screen choices. However, you’ll be at a disadvantage because the displays on your screen won’t look as much attractive when compared to expensive ones.

No matter what your business is, a good digital signage system will surely be of great use to you. It may have some disadvantages but you can never equate it to the numerous benefits it can give to your company.

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