Problems the Environment Is Facing

The environment we live in is going through changes from time to time. With this, more and more problems are arising which needs an immediate solution by increasing awareness for everyone. Our planet is facing a lot of problems which is becoming worse day by day which calls more people to move together and face these problems. Every day, new problems are arising but here are some of the major environmental factors that we are facing.

1. Global warming

Global warming is caused by human activities which emits greenhouse gasses. Global warming cause’s climate change which is characterized by the sudden change of weather. The heat caused by global warming melts the iceberg on the poles of the earth which cause the water level to rise. When this phenomenon will continue to happen in the coming years, the earth will be covered with water very soon.

2. Overpopulation

The number of population on earth is gradually increasing from time to time. The population is nearly reaching the capacity of the earth to support life. Due to these, there is also a scarcity of resources and a place to live in. There is also a scarcity of energy sources, thus the search for solution like solar energy is ongoing. So,   Commercial solar power system cost  is very cost efficient and affordable.  Population explosion is a major problem that almost every country is facing nowadays.

3. Waste Disposal

Due to high population, the wastes that are produced is also beyond the capacity of dumpsites. People who are also very irresponsible with their waste just put their garbage anywhere which causes air pollution and airborne diseases. Furthermore, most industries put their end wastes into bodies of water which pollute the water and kill the aquatic bodies inhabiting there.

4. Water Pollution

Drinking water is a must need of everyone, but it is slowly becoming a rare commodity. This is because of many pollutants present on these bodies of water especially the sources of drinking or potable water. These bodies of waters are filled with toxic materials from different industries and even to the people who are living in these places.

5. Public Health Issues

With the problems mentioned above, it is not impossible that health-related issues will arise too. Among all problems, dirty drinking water is the top threat to human health as they carry toxic and harmful chemicals with them. Furthermore, public health is at risk with polluted air which everyone takes in causing them to develop respiratory diseases. The public health is always at risk but it can be prevented when proper measures are observed.

The need for us to change and save mother earth is a call that needs a sudden answer. We must change the way we live in order for us to prevent more problems from arising because we will also be the one to suffer in the end. If we continue to live the way we do today, a great future is questionable, or worst, is there really a future waiting for us?

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