Really Common Concrete Problems You Want To Be Aware Of

Concrete is commonly used because it adds durability and beauty to commercial and residential properties. You can use it on patios, walkways, parking lots, driveways, roads and much more to create a completely timeless look. Various benefits are offered by concrete but the material is not perfect. Through improper maintenance and processes, together with weather condition changes, various problems can affect durability and aesthetics. The good news is that most of these do have specific solutions that are not at all difficult to employ.


This is one of the most common of all issues affecting concrete. When you have concrete cracks outside control joints you should not be alarmed. These joints are intentionally placed inside concrete with the purpose of controlling cracking. When concrete cures, it shrinks. This can cause outside cracking outside the intentionally placed joints. Sometimes it might look bad but the structure is still solid.

The problem with cracks is that they can easily act as breeding grounds for pests. You should not neglect them or you might need professional cockroaches control Perth service providers. Fortunately, cracking can be repaired in many ways. The preferred one is to use concrete caulk or filler. Alternatively, concrete sealer can be used to also prohibit water penetration.

Spalling Or Scaling

Spalling or scaling happens when concrete surface parts start to chip or flake. Normally, this happens because the finishing is poor, freeze-thaw happens or water seepage is present. Alternatively, the surface might be weak because of a curing lack. Normally, such a problem happens in a concrete area and then expands to all the connected regions.

Trowel-grade light coating can be used to fill scaled areas. At the same time, you want to be sure concrete is sealed according to recommendations made by the contractor since that will help reduce spalling.

Concrete Discoloration

This can happen because of various different reasons like material exposure, curing time and weather conditions. Discoloration will not look great from an aesthetic point of view but it can be solved in various ways.

A really common option is to utilize concrete cleaners. Such products offer the better look you want and you do not need to worry about the result since it will look natural. If this is not offering the desired results, concrete staining is also a possibility worth considering.

Concrete Crazing

Crazing basically means that numerous fine cracks appear and form a network that is only present at the surface of the material. In this case we are mainly referring to a cosmetic issue, not a structural problem. Concrete remains strong even if crazing is present. The reason why it happens is that there is poor concrete finishing present or the surface dries way too early. When you see such a problem, the contractor responsible for adding the concrete in the first place should be contacted. Alternatively, if this is not possible, you can always contact any concrete contractor since the problem is really easy to solve for them.

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